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Cheap Lunch - Self-Titled EP


Image of Cheap Lunch - Self-Titled EP

Limited edition of the Cheap Lunch Self-Titled EP on high bias cassette tape in lizard green shell and compact disc. Featuring exclusively commissioned sleeve artwork by designer Sean Edgar. EP plays same both sides and comes with Imagination Engine Records label sticker and download code card.

Satisfying length of 17 minutes, the 5 tracks are intended as two compositions allowing listeners to sit in and enjoy the riffs. The first is an introduction to the band’s sound; an intoxicating gut-punch into a black hole of anxiety, leaving listeners excited, laughing and maybe even crying for more. The second act starts with the fuzz doom tongue-in-cheek ‘Lizards’ leading to the psych/space-rock interlude ‘Chernobyl Playground’ and finally stripping back for garage-rock closer ‘I’.

Stream here: https://soundcloud.com/imaginationenginerecords/sets/cheap-lunch-self-titled-ep